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FAI Materials Testing
FAI Materials Testing Laboratory is a full service analytical testing laboratory providing clients with materials, forensic, industrial, thermal, failure, environmental and chemical analysis services. Our technical professionals are increasingly called up   [ Read More ]

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Laboratory Equipments Manfacturer, Scientific Inst
Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of laboratory equipments and scientific instruments from India.

Microcopes Manufacturer, Industrial Digital Micros
Manufacturers, exporter and supplier of microscope, industrial microscope, digital microscope, lab microscope and laboratory microscope from India.

Testing Equipments Manufacturer, Lab Testing Equip
Manufacturer, exporter and Supplier of Laboratory equipment, lab testing equipments, soil testing equipments, industrial testing equipments and laboratory equipments from India

Sodium Alginate
China manufacturer supply Alginic acid, Sodium Alginate, Calcium Alginate and Alginate Potassium.

Sequestering Agents, Chetated Micronutrients
Manufacturing, supplying and exporting, Chelating / Sequestering agents, chetated micronutrients and Fine Chemicals such as EDTA acid, DTPA acid, HEDP acid, Acetates, Amino Acid Chelates, Carbonates, Citrates, DTPA, EDTA, Formates, HEDP, Manganese Ace

Computer aided molecular design, drug design, QSAR
Computer aided molecular design and drug design company offering Molecular docking, QSAR, 2D QSAR, 3D QSAR, Molecular modeling, Homology modeling, Fragment based drug design, Docking software, Combinatorial library generation, Virtual screening, Ligand sc

Chemicals, Calcium Acetate, Ammonium Oxalate
Manufacturing and exporting a wide assortment of chemicals. Offers Aluminium Based Products, Acetanilide, Barium Nitrate, Calcium Acetate, Ferrous Based Products, Lead Based Products, Magnesium Based Products, Other Chemical Products, Potassium Based Prod

China Detergent Information Website
It will share several kinds of detergent for you, Including Detergent Paste, Liquid Detergent, Soap, Solid Detergent, Synthetic Detergent Powder.There are also include uses,principle and notes for Use of them.

Diisopropyl azodicarboxylate,Benzonitrile,1-hydrox
JinXiang Chemical enterprise takes science and technology innovates as the power of enterprise development. Since it was founded in 1995,JinXiang Chemical enterprise has bend himself to the research, exploitation and production Of new produce constantly.

Industrial Gases, Industrial Chemicals
Manufacturers, traders and suppliers of Industrial Gases, Industrial Chemicals and Lubricants. Our range is Pure Industrial Gases, Ultra High Pure Gases & Calibration Gases, Industrial Chemicals, Transport of Hazardous Chemicals Services, Pharmaceutical P

Aroma chemicals|Aromatic chemicals|aroma chemicals
hina Aromatic chemicals manufacturer, supplier provide synthetic and natural fragrances, aroma chemicals,aromatic chemical.

CO2 Engine Exhaust Filtration Method
The average carbon footprint for American driving is 6 tons per year. Our filter can effectively reduce this amount by half. Our patent-pending carbon-capture method reduces CO2 emissions by 3.12 lbs per vehicle continuously at idle speed.

Cole-parmer - is the in-house purchasing agent for various laboratory equipments and chemical products. Get the Cole-parmer at its best as per your choice at low prices.

fipronil, cyromazine, nicosulfuron, triclopyr, bro
china wholesale fipronil, cyromazine, nicosulfuron, triclopyr, bromadiolone manufacturer provide fipronil, cyromazine, nicosulfuron, triclopyr

Mancozeb|Mancozeb Fungicide 80% WP,TC|Chlorothalon
Limin is a large agrochemical fungicide manufacturer which has more than 10 years history in producing macozen fungicide,chlorothalonil,propineb, fosetyl-al, propiconazole

Pigmentos de Revestimientos|Pigmentos de Tintes
IANGSU ALPHA HAWK Producimos una amplia gama de químicos en las plantas de producción integrada.Servimos a varios mercados importantes,incluso Pigmentos de Revestimientos, Pigmentos de Tintes, Pigmentos de Alto Rendimientos, Pigmentos de Intermedios etc

Weed Killer|Glyphosate|Glyphosate Herbicide|Glypho
China Glyphosate manufacturer provides high quality Glyphosate,Glyphosate Herbicide,Glyphosate Ammonium,Imazapyr,Imazethapyr.

Fire Retardants,Flame Retardants,Melamine Cyanurat
Tongcheng Shinde Chemical Industry Co., Ltd, which is professionally majoring in the research, production and distribution of environment-friendly plastics, plastics processing additives and rubber additives, is a high-tech enterprise with an annual outpu

GBL|Gamma butyrolactone|Pharmaceutical intermediat
Manufacturer, exporter of Titanium Sponge,Titanium Metal, Titanium pipe&tubes , titanium sponge and chrome oxide green and chromic acid, chrome sulphate

3,5-Dimethylpyrazole|Photoinitiators|Sodium metabi
★Anhui Royal Chemical Co., Ltd ★is a chemical enterprise focused in export & import service based on clients demand.★We have two R&D and inspection centers in Nanjing and Tianjin city. ★We also have our own plant located in Yanchen

Titanium Oxide NanoPowder
Titanium Oxide NanoPowder – provides NanoParticles, NanoPowders, Micron Powders, and CNTs in small quantity for researchers and in bulk order for various industry groups. Consult today to order your Titanium Oxide NanoPowder online.   [ Read More ]

Chemical Companies in India | Chemical Industry In
Nandini Consultancy provides the latest information on Indian and global chemical and pharmaceutical industries including information on manufacturers / producers of chemical,

My Research Chemicals
My Research Chemicals supplies a range of high quality research chemicals including Benzo Fury, 5-IAI and MDAI.

Fire Fighting Equipment
We are an ISO 9001 certified Chinese fire fighting equipment company with certification and affiliate membership from the National Fire Fighting Association.

Peptide Synthesis
Peptide Synthesis - RS Synthesis can meet virtually any research or production requirement, and we proudly serve the global pharmaceutical, biotech, and health care industries. Get high quality custom peptides at the most competitive prices.

Vegetable Glycerin
Vegetable Glycerin is approved for Food, Medical and Beverage Applications. Free shipping on all Vegetable Glycerin. Same day shipping if ordered by 3pm EST. Order your Vegetable Glycerin online and save.

Peptides Australia Peptide Forum
Peptides Australia is a great resource for Peptide test results. This Australian Peptides website incorporates a free membership forum where peptide-related issues are openly discussed.

PU adhesives
Hycasyl™ is a new Hydrolytic Stabilizer developed for medium to high performance 2-component solvent-based polyester and polyurethane adhesives.

LabGlassware, LabGlassware Manufacturer, Laborator
Labtech Laboratory Equipment is a trusted name in the field of scientific and laboratory glassware around the globe. The company has a firm footing in the Indian glassware market for over two decades, and with the opening up of the Indian economy, Labtech

Sodium Hydrosulphite
Chemical Suppliers, exporters of citric acid mono, paraffin wax, soda ash, caustic soda flakes, phosphoric acid,dicyandiamide exporters, sodium sulphide, sodium sulphate anhydrous, glycerin, ammonium chloride, melamine, phosphoric acid, caustic potash, pr

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