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FAI Materials Testing
FAI Materials Testing Laboratory is a full service analytical testing laboratory providing clients with materials, forensic, industrial, thermal, failure, environmental and chemical analysis services. Our technical professionals are increasingly called up   [ Read More ]

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Metal Resource
This Metal Resource website Privides you the complete information about everything related to Metal and Metal Elements such as Aluminium,Copper,iron,Steel,Alloys,Metal Building,Metal working and Metal Recycling etc..

contract research
Mayuka Labs is an integrated custom manufacturing company. It specializes in custom research, custom synthesis & custom manufacturing.

pharma companies in india
Mayuka Labs is an integrated custom manufacturing company. It specializes in custom research, custom synthesis & custom manufacturing.

Electronic 16-Channel Pipettes
ARTEL provides systems for pipette calibration, liquid handler verification and optimization, pipette technique training, certification, training seminars, multichannel pipette calibration integration and automation support for liquid handlers

Child Science Kits
Child science kits are the right kits for your children as they go on with their quest for knowledge. Child science kits are very essential in helping a child grown emotionally and intellectually as it hones not only their brain but also their emotion and

Clinics are very much dependent on instruments which make a dentist or doctorís work easier. Thus, it is necessary to have trusted and reliable microscopes at oneís side. Clinical microscopes are here to sustain your needs in clinics and hospitals.

Colposcope is a device used to check up the reproductive organs of a female such as the cervix, ovary, and vagina. Here at, you will find that the products that we sell are all top-notch quality and of quality standard.

Comparing things is difficult without a trusted apparatus by your side. Thus, it is important to have the right instrument like the comparison microscope. Choose the best among our wide array of comparison microscopes for best results.

Compound Binocular Microscope
Compound binocular microscopes are microscopes with two eyepieces. They more comfortable to use and offers less eyestrain to users. They are also allows users to see more images compared to microscopes with one eyepiece.

Compound Microscopes
This website is dedicated to offering you compound microscopes to you. There are more things that you should know about the compound microscope. That is why, this website was created for your own sake as we want you to learn more and have an idea about co

Compound light microscope is one of the most common microscopes used today. It is very in demand not only to professionals but also to students and teachers as the demand for microscopes continue to increase. Compound light microscope is a microscope for

Know more about cordless microscopes. This website has a lot of ideas about cordless microscopes in store for you. Cordless microscope is portable and you may option to bring it else where which you may wish to. And, you donít need electricity since it is

TaiSiC | AI2O3 | raw ceramic material
The global storage capacity of AI2O3 is the one second to silicon oxidation only; it is a component of raw ceramic material. In AI2O3 molecule, aluminum atoms hold strong chemical bonds to oxygen atoms, which form extremely high hardness among its oxides.

Reverse Osmosis System
Canadian Clear Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems provides an unlimited supply of fresh drinking water

Pipeline Engineering
HEBNA Corporation, texas based pipeline engineering provides Polyethylene Solution like pipeline rehabilitation, hdpe liner installation, coating and corrosion.

Epoxy adhesives, glass wood adhesive, Superglues m
Action Adhesives (Irl.) Ltd. is fast becoming one of the leading providers of adhesive products and application systems in Ireland.

RO Membranes
Omnishe water treatment chemicals offers to you, chemical solutions which enhances the performances of your RO systems.

Learn Chemistry in Less time with Stress & less.
Jason's Tutoring in New York (USA), Chemistry Tutor New York, Chemistry Tutor Long Island, Long Island ChemistryTutor, Long Island Chemistry Tutoring, Stony Brook Chemistry tutor, College Chemistry Tutor NY.

Florescent pigment,
Champon Dyes is one of the dyes company in India for flourscent pigments and flourscent dyes. Itís a well equipped labouratory for pigment dyes for advising its clients.

Stamping Coating
With complete in-house facilities from Tool & Die design/making, blanking, punching, welding to final coating, it assures a good control of quality. With top quality control, our products have been exporting to Australia, America, Germany. England, Irelan

Universal Industrial Plants Manufacturing Co.(P) L
Manufacturing, exporting and supplying of Oxygen Plants, Nitrogen Plants,Acetylene Plants and Generators. We have manufactured over 300 Air Separation Plants & Equipments.

Glass Cleaner, Multi Purpose Cleaner,Electro Conta
Dixie Packing & Seal Company is an online store providing a full line of adhesives, automotive cleaners and maintenance supplies, industrial maintenance supplies,lubricants, paint and coatings.

Nanogen Solutions-Chemical Manufacturers
Nanogen Solutions is a full service source for a range of custom synthesis requiring unit operations and provides custom and organic chemical products

Corrosionist, Corrosion Prevention Rust and Weldin
Corrosionist is your guide to all the information on the web on Corrosion, Corrosion prevention, Corrosion protection, Rust, Steel and Welding

Action Adhesives is fast becoming one of the leading providers of Wood Adhesive, Epoxy Adhesive, Metal Adhesive, Packaging Adhesive, Hotmelt Adhesive, Glues, Sealants Products Manufacturer and application systems in Ireland.

trichloroisocyanuric acid
Be-Long Corporation is considered as one of the most professional supplier of Calcium Hypochlorite, Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate and Trichloroisocyanuric Acid in China. We supply all kinds of specifications, including tablets, powder and granule.. With lon

Platinized titanium anodes
Properties: application-specific design, very smooth on sheet / plate surfaces, tight adhesion between platinum coating and base titanium material, stable performance, energy saving, recoating possible. Application: seawater, gold potassium cyanide +

fire retardants
Tongcheng Shinde Chemical Industry Co., Ltd, which is professionally majoring in the research, production distribution of environment-friendly plastics, plastics processing additives and rubber additives, is a high-tech enterprise with an annual output of

Organic Chemistry
Mchmultimedia offers organic chemistry tutorials. It helps to enchance the learning of organic chemistry at low cost. Mchmultimedia's online tutorial program includes chemistry online tutorial and online physics tutorials.

kitchen storage cabinets
Genie Scientific: California's #1 manufacturer of Custom Metal Furniture including kitchen storage cabinets, metal kitchen cabinets & custom metal furniture at factory direct prices!

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